Zip Net 8BTWC, #8 2Lbs Butcher Twine on a Cone, Smoked Meat Poultry Ham Netting, Butcher's Wrapping Net, Meat Tying Roll

Product Description

Featuring 100% cotton multi-ply construction, it is durable enough not only for cooking, but for a variety of other tasks in butcher's shop, retail and housekeeping area.

Use it for binding rolled meats or trussing poultry for roasting, so that they keep a restaurant-standard shape and juicy texture.

Great choice for wrapping, it will also ensure a reliable and convenient packaging of fish, all sorts of meat, ham and other products in butcher paper.

Ideal for roasting, smoking and hanging or it can simply be used for decorative purposes.

Unlike synthetic nylon twine, it has a non-slippery surface which helps to tie strong knots for more safety and convenience in use.

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