YISAMA Vacuum Seal Bags, 80 Micra Thick BPA Free Sous Vide Kit With 1 Hand Pump, 8 Reusable Food Storage Bags (4 9,1x8,3 In,4 9,1x11 In,Air Pump)

Product Description

USES: These bags are used to storage food in the refrigerator or freezer in order to increase the life time of your products. Other use is to cook with these bags, you can put your meat or vegetable inside these bags and includes your own dressing and then just close and make the vacuum to cook in warm water. Also, these bags can help you to pack food or cosmetics and put inside your luggage without any risk to stain your clothe.Finally they are useful in camping, picnics, hunting, fishing.

MATERIAL: These bags are BPA free and it has make in a PA/PE material in a 80 μm thick. Because the thick, these bags support high temperatures and then you can cook "sous vide" technique without any problem. Also, the probability to make a hole and loose the vacuum is very low, then you warranty the condition of your products when you storage them. And finally, thick material let you reuse more times.

ECONOMY: Because you can storage food and increase the life of your food and these bags are reusable more than other bags in the market, you will save money just make a trial and then you will see. In other sense, because this is a vacuum manual kit you don't need to spend money in a expensive vacuum electrical machine and reduce your power bill.

ONE SIZE FOR EACH USE: In our kits you will find 3 bags size which help you to use the adequate size to storage or cook anything, so you save space in your freezer and cook in better way.

HOW TO USE: Seal the bag securely with the plastic clip, then vacuum seal the bag with the hand pump and you’re ready. After use, clean the bags using a mixture of vinegar, dish soap and water. Put the mixture inside the bag, seal it lightly, shake it a few times and then rinse. You can use again and SAVE THE WORLD.

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