Product features

  • NATURAL WHITENING TOOTH POLISH: ditch the whitening strips and avoid increased tooth sensitivity! Whitening Toothpaste Polish helps to remineralize the enamel, balances the pH level of the mouth, and freshens breath
  • MADE WITH PUMICE: finely ground pumice is an all-natural tooth polisher and mild abrasive that helps to gently remove stains
  • ANTISEPTIC: it’s okay to dip your brush directly into the jar! The essential oils in this tooth polish are incredibly antiseptic
  • FLUORIDE FREE: this product is completely free of fluoride, carrageenan, triclosan, artificial sweeteners, and SLS (sodium laureth sulfate)
  • UNCLE HARRY’S NATURAL PRODUCTS: dedicated to making earth-friendly products at people-friendly prices using only the finest quality, minimally processed ingredients, including local, organic, cruelty-free, and sustainable raw materials

Product Description

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