Triple Scale Hydrometer & Test Jar Kit - Home Brew Beer Hydrometer or Hydrometer for Wine Making - Specific Gravity ABV Brix Balling Tester.

Product Description

3pcs Hydrometer alcohol meter 0 to 100% 0-40 & 40-70 & 70-100 with Thermometer

Name : Measuring alcohol content for special wine meter, alcohol meter.

Can be measured wine range : 0-100 degrees, the minimum scale : 1 degree; 0-40 degrees, 40-70 degrees, 70-100 alcohol count, 0-50 degree thermometer,Includes four pieces (three alcohol meter, one thermometer);

Includes four pieces? (three alcohol meter, one thermometer);Length : 20cm, 14.7 cm;

Supplied alcohol meter temperature concentration conversion table.

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