Tealyra - White Chrysanthemum Infusion - White Peony Tea and Chrysanthemum Blossoms - Loose Leaf Tea Blend - High in Antioxidants – All Natural - Healthy - Caffeine Low - 100g (3.5-ounce)

Product Description

Our white peony tea blended together with hand picked whole dried chrysanthemum flowers to create a wonderfully light infusion.

Chrysanthemum is widely known throughout China and has been used traditionally in Chinese medicine because it is great for the skin, it is anti-inflammatory, detoxifying the liver, aids in the relief of a sore throat, and headaches, is high in B vitamins, C vitamins, and so much more.

This brews a beautiful golden liquid with the classic flavor of white peony, along with slight woodsy floral notes, chrysanthemum's delicate floral flavor (similar to chamomile without any of chamomile's sweetness) and a clean finish.

All Natural Ingredients

Caffeine low; High Antioxidants Level

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