Product features

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Two handles make our Mezzaluna Chopper easy to use and can help individuals with arthritis that have difficulty using traditional kitchen knives.
  • SAFE & EFFIECENT – Mezzaluna Choppers move your hands away from the cutting surface which allows you to safely apply pressure on harder or dense food products.
  • WIDE RANGE OF USES – Our Mezzaluna Chopper can be used in many ways. Great for mincing and dicing herbs and vegetables, cutting large or hard vegetables such as squash or melons. Also, great for slicing pizza and can be used to cut other baked goods like cake.
  • ALL STAINLESS STEEL – Our +Steel Mezzaluna Chopper is constructed of all High Quality Stainless Steel which makes it a breeze to clean and enhances durability to ensure a lifetime of use.
  • SPECIFICATIONS - +Steel Mezzaluna Chopper / Pizza Cutter is 12 inches long and made with 18/8 Stainless Steel. The Chopper also comes packaged in our +Steel Branded Box which makes it great for a gift as well.

Product Description

The Mezzaluna Chopper

For those unfamiliar with Mezzaluna Choppers, they bridge the gap between more traditional kitchen knives and a food processer. Typically
used to mince or dice herbs and vegetables such as basil, parsley, onions and etc.. They are also commonly used to cut cheeses and especially
harder cheeses due to the fact its far safer to apply pressure with your hands away from the blade. With the size of this Mezzaluna Chopper you
can also slice pizza easily and efficiently as well. Another benefit of the design is you can safely apply pressure for cutting of large vegetables
and/or meats. Such as cutting water melon or different types of squash which can be more difficult with traditional chef knives. It can also be great
in other roles that require a long cut as well such as cakes and other baked goods.

Another design benefit of a Mezzaluna Chopper is it can help those with arthritis or individuals that have difficulty with using traditional kitchen knives.
Since it has two handles it can be much easier and simpler to use as well as safer, giving those individuals the ability to do more in the kitchen.

Use and Care

To use the Mezzaluna Chopper hold each handle and rock the chopper back and forth until the desired consistency is reached. Hand washing
after use is recommended and then dry for storage. The Mezzaluna Chopper arrives sharp but can be sharpened periodically as desired.


The Mezzaluna Chopper is made from all stainless steel and is 12 inches long. Hand washing recommended.

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