Splatter Screen Guard - Blocks Hot Grease Splash from Bacon, Shield Skin from Oil Burns, Universal Lid for Frying Pans, Easy to Clean, Dishwasher-Safe, Foldable Heat-Resistant Silicone Handle Skillet

Product Description

Stops 99% of Hot Splatter - Other frying pan splatter shields have looser knit mesh extending all the way to the edge. Our universal stainless steel splash guard has the tightest micro-mesh screen and solid outer edges. This keeps more mess off the stove!

Less Cleaning, More Relaxing - The Foxel Splatter Screen is here to help you enjoy your delicious cooking without the greasy mess. Over the course of a month, you’ll save hours cleaning your stove top! It’s the ultimate bacon grease guard.

Fits in Dishwasher - The biggest mistake people make is thinking most large bacon grease splatter screens fit in dishwashers. Shockingly, most on Amazon do not. Lucky for you, ours does! The heat-resistant silicone handle even folds for easy storage.

Stable on a Variety of Pan Sizes - Due to its 3-leveled notches, our bacon grease guard easily covers and nestles within your 9-inch, 10-inch and up to 11-inch frying pans, cast iron skillets, deep fryers and steamers without worrying about stability.

Love It or Your Money Back within 365 Days - You can use our FOXEL oil and grease splatter cover absolutely risk-free for a whole year! If at any point you're not 100% thrilled with it’s performance, return it within 365 days. Start saving time today.

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