Black 4 Ounce Soup Ladle - Silicone & Stainless Steel - with CoolGrip Handle & Flexedge Silicone

Product Description

OUR STRONG & STURDY LADLES ARE BUILT TO LAST - Flimsy nylon or plastic ladles can break or melt the first time you cook a large pot of thick soup for your family & can often be difficult to clean. What's the point of buying a ladle that will break or melt after a few months?

OUR LADLES ARE ALMOST INDISTRUCTABLE UNDER NORMAL USE - Instead of weak nylon or plastic, our ladles are made of sturdy STAINLESS STEEL and food grade BPA FREE NON-STICK SILICONE. They are also heat resistant up to 450 degrees, so you know they will not melt. EASY TO CLEAN - No need for intense scraping to remove excess residue. DISHWASHER SAFE!

OUR LADLE IS DESIGNED TO BE PERFECT - Each ladle has a 4 ounce (1/2 cup) scoop for portion control & measurement (great for portioning pancake batter too!). Each ladle contains a slight lip with angled handle for easy pouring and to prevent spilling. ALSO CONTAINS FLEXEDGE TECHNOLOGY - A slim & flexible silicone edge that allows you to scrape that last bit of soup from the bottom or sides of your pots without scratching. GET EVERY LAST DROP!

EXTRA LONG & THICK COOLERGRIP HANDLE - Cooler Kitchen's COOLERGRIP technology, ensures that even though the handle is made of durable stainless steel, it will NEVER EVER GET HOT TO THE TOUCH, no matter how long you accidentally leave it in the pot when cooking (We all do it! Why can't other ladles handle this??). Our handle is about 2 inches longer(13") and wider than most ladles. Weighted to PREVENT HAND CRAMPS! You'll wish all your kitchen tools had this handle!

Our Ladle - 13 inches long with COOLERGRIP thick stainless steel handle, Drip Minimizing FlexEdge ladle, with food grade BPA Free silicone. Easy to store or hang with HOOKED HANDLE. Great For Professional Or Restaurant Use! Soup & Stew Season Is Coming! Add to cart now!

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