Product Description

If healthy, safe and convenient cooking is your thing, look no further then Robust Kitchenware’s stackable pans for the Instant Pot and other pressure cookers!

What is included in your box:

1) Two interchangeable lids

a. 1 with holes for steaming

b. 1 with knob handle for regular cooking and easy safe removal of the lid

2) One safe stainless-steel handle that allows you to lower and raise the pot with ease.

3) Two stackable stainless-steel insert pans

What makes these pans so easy to operate?

If you have experience cooking in the pressure cooker or if this is your first time, no worries cooking with these pans is easy and the cleanup is even simpler! You have the flexibility to use one of the pans to make one item or both pans at the same time to make two! You also have the flexibility of the lids to choose if you want steam or regular cooking. The ultimate multipurpose stainless steel pans! Lastly just throw them in the dishwasher or wash gently to clean the pans (use normal non stick techniques and washing methods of your choosing).

A few cooking tips:

1) For cooking solid foods with your pan, make sure to add a cup of water into the bottom of the insta cooker and for liquid foods, this is not needed if you are adding liquid directly into the Robust pan.

2) Food that is cooking in the bottom stack with cook faster then the food that is in the top pan. Take this into account when cooking heaver more dense items in the bottom and lighter less dense in the top. For example: rice and veggies on top and meatloaf on the bottom.

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