QuikTea Saffron Masala Chai Tea Latte - 10 Count Single Box - Non GMO All Natural Wellness Comfort Tea (Regular)

Product Description

BOOST HEALTH: Improve your health & wellness! All of our tea flavors are packed with nutrient rich ingredients that are as good for your health as they are delicious and comforting.

ALL NATURAL: At QuikTea we pride ourselves on producing teas that contain no preservatives and are all-natural so you can enjoy the health benefits of our teas the way nature intended

COFFEE ALTERNATIVE: Kick your coffee habit! Our teas help to elevate the mood & satisfy your craving when you're running on empty. Enjoy a tasty treat while sticking to your health goals

CHAI LATTE BENEFITS: The wonderfully aromatic and robust flavors of Assam and Darjeeling tea blends provide a boost to your health! These teas have been known to provide your body with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to keep you at your best! Also don’t forget that Calcium from the milk provides you with Healthy bones & teeth.

SAFFRON BENEFITS: As the world's most luxurious spice, saffron has been well sought after for decades and rightfully earned the nickname as "the sunshine spice". It features benefits such as anti-depressant properties, it commonly serves as an antioxidant

MASALA BENEFITS: Masala chai, a blend of multiple traditional Indian spices, makes it rich in antioxidant properties that improve digestion and alleviate nausea symptoms. A cup of masala chai has also been known to improve heart health!

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