Premium Chinese Slimming WuLong Tea - All-Natural Weight Loss, Diet, Detox and Anti-Acne Oolong tea - Pure WuYi Oolong - 3 month supply with 180 tea bags

Product Description

SAVE 42% When You Order Three Month Supply - Delicious, Mild and Smooth Flavored Chinese Tea

100% Pure and All-Natural - NO BLENDS - NO Additives - NO Preservatives - NO Pesticides

Scientifically Proven to Melt Belly Fat, Reverse Aging, and Prevent Disease

Best Option For Weight Management and Disease-Fighting Antioxidants

2,000mg of Pure Oolong In Each Convenient & Individually Wrapped Tea Bag

Oolong Tea does not expire or have an expiration date due to its fermented and oxidized form. The date on the boxes is called a BBD (best by date) and is used as a reference point for inventory and guide for consumers. Tea can begin to lose its potency when exposed to oxygen and the date on the box is a BBD from when the tea was harvested as if it were exposed to oxygen from harvest. However, our tea is sealed in plastic wrap and not exposed to oxygen so the best by date will start from the moment a consumer opens the package. Teas do extremely well for 1-2 years after opening a package (but storage conditions can play a factor.) It is recommended to store tea in a cool and dry place for maximum flavor and potency.

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