MIYAGI TEA - Mou Li Hua Premium Jasmine Tea - Loose Leaf Green Tea - 3.52oz (100g) / tin can

Product Description

Premium Mou Li Hua Chinese green tea enriched with the fragrance of jasmine blossoms

Mou Li Hua Jasmine tea has beneficial effects on one’s emotional state, improves eyesight, cleanses the liver and blood, helps to eliminate toxins from the body, and normalises physiological processes.

Jasmine teas have a very gentle taste. When brewed, the tea retains its own flavor and delicate aroma of jasmine, but does not block out the taste of the tea. If the tea is bitter, then you have put in too many tea leaves or the tea has been left for too long. Therefore, don’t keep the leaves infused for a long time in water.

From the best tea farmers in China

Comes in loose; net wt. 3.52oz (100g) / reusable tin can

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