Product features

  • The Eco-MaTea “Master Collection” Edition includes all 3 of our unique 3 filter head bombillas. One New Dawn Edition Spring Bombilla, one New Horizon Edition Plate Bombilla, and one Star Mate Edition Plate Bombilla.
  • Includes 3 (6.5 inch) bombillas, 1 cleaning brush, 1 retro Eco-MaTea fan club sticker, and 1 giftbox
  • Each bombilla has a unique three filter straw head that is remarkably easy to clean. Unscrew the base and separate the outer filter, mesh, and outer filter for a fast thorough cleaning. You can also separate the filters and put everything in the dishwasher with your forks and spoons. It doesn't get any easier than that.
  • This traditional South American device is the most healthful, convenient, and effective method devised for sipping herbal tea preparations. When herbs are left to float unrestricted in hot water they release more of the important nutrients and antioxidants we crave.

Product Description

Eco-MaTea’s sturdy stainless steel bombillas are designed to filter particulate matter from beverages like mate, loose leaf teas, French pressed coffee, freshly squeezed juices with pulp and more. The easy clean removable three filter system makes clean up, easy as 1..2..3, and ensures no particulate matter ends up in your mouth! New to yerba mate, sip with the bombilla don’t stir. Stirring will cause clogging with any bombilla. Colored embellishments are brass.

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