Kitchen Utensils - 25 Piece Cooking Utensils - Nonstick Utensil set - Silicone and Stainless Steel Kit - For Pots and Pans - Safe For All Cookware - BPA Free - Dishwasher Safe Kitchen Tools

Product Description

COMPLETE SET OF 25: This set of kitchen utensils are made to last for the toughest jobs. Designed to maintain maximum comfort while cooking, but also sleek enough to compliment any kitchen or dish set to make your overall experience easily manageable. Bonus: full-size cheese grater, wine bottle opener and collapsible silicon measuring cups included in this set.

DURABILITY IS OUR MISSION: The most useful and equipped utensil set on the market features our custom design with a flexible neck connecting the handle and the utensil head - making it easy to cook at any angle; thick handles - made with a top-grade stainless steel coating and a thumb grip for maximum comfort; and utensil heads - made out of durable nylon meant for daily use. These won’t break like wooden kitchen tools, rust like metallic gadgets, or melt like plastic utensils.

PROTECT YOUR POTS/PANS: Our non-scratch nylon heads are compatible with all of your expensive cookware, whether that be a non-stick pan or any of your pots & bakeware. Our cooking utensils ensure that the surface of these items are not scratched or dented in any way possible. If you would like your kitchen pans to have an extended life, this utensil set is the perfect fit.

GOOD QUALITY UTENSILS: Unlike rubber or plastic utensils that are easily broken, melted or destroyed - the high quality material these cooking tools are made with prevent any of that from happening. The heat tolerance of these nylon heads prevent any melting from happening, and the formation of the constituents prevent any breaking that could happen. These cooking utensils can withstand up to 450F while remaining untouched but also unharmed.

CONTAINS MINIMAL PLASTIC: These utensils have no trace of plastic in the formation of ANY part of tool that you cook with. The only plastic you’ll find is in the handles where you hold the tools. The set is so large that it comes with a utensil usable for all home-cooked meals plus built for an effortless clean afterwards. With the elegant + modern design they coincide and fit with any kitchen. This kitchen utensils set is FDA approved and completely free of BPA and other harmful materials.

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