Kitchen Universal Replacement Floater and Sealer Silicone for Electric Pressure Cookers Such as XL,YBD60-100, PPC780, PPC770 PPC790

Product Description

Pressure Cooker Accessories Sealing Replacement float valve sealer are part of the lid of Power Pressure Cooker xl parts Float Valve, power cooker gasket parts and are essential for pressure cooker to work

Under normal situation, floater inserts into the lid from outside to inside. The sealer locks the floater from inside, keeping the floater in place

The sealer is often washed off, leaving the floater loose and the pressure cooker unusable

This floater and sealer set fits many models of the Power Pressure Cookers including but not limiting to XL (6 & 8 quarts), YBD60-100, PPC780, PPC770, and PPC790

Package Content: 2 Floater and 2 Sealer .

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