HABA Animal Upon Animal: Small and Yet Great! Pocket Sized Wooden Stacking Game (Made in Germany)

Product Description

A pocket-sized version of your favorite HABA game. A wobbly stacking game for 1-2 players aged 5 and up. Playing time: about 15 minutes. Made in Germany.

Oh dear, This animal pyramid is a really wobbly business! One by one you try to stack your animals on top of each other, without any of them falling off.

The die indicates how many animals can be stacked, where and who shall stack them. The aim of the game is to be the first to stack all your animals on the animal pyramid.

Contents include: 13 animals (2 of each: kangaroo, frog, duck, hedgehog, butterfly, polar bear and 1 crocodile), 1 die with symbols & game instructions.

The crocodile is about 2.5" long and other animals are about 1" long. As this is a pocket game, the pieces are considerably smaller than those in the original Animal Upon Animal. Great for travel!

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