Product features

  • Removes high levels of iron, sulfur, manganese from your water
  • 3.0 cu. ft. system whole house application treats and cleans all your water
  • No more rust stains or stinky water! System regenerates automatically with potassium permangante
  • Oxidizing filter kills bacteria, converts arsenic, destroys iron bacteria
  • Removes up to 15 ppm of iron, 5 ppm hydrogen sulfide, and 15 ppm manganes

Product Description


Features & Specs:
-14 x 65″ Structural USA tank
-3.0 ft³ high density iron, sulfur, & manganese removing Greensand media
-Gravel bed for equal water dispersion
-Fleck 2510SXT DIGITAL valve for better efficiency & simpler user control
-15 gallon solution tank *note, solution tank comes in black depending on stock
-Stainless Steel bypass valve included. Indicate 3/4″ or 1″
-Removes iron up to 15 ppm
-Removes hydrogen sulfide (sulfur) up to 5 ppm
-Removes manganese up to 15 ppm
-Uses potassium permangante (not included) and backwashes automatically!

Iron is a big source of problems in water supplies, causing red discolored water, red or reddish-brown staining and sometimes giving the water a metallic taste. Removes ferrous (clear water) and ferric iron. Sulfur (hydrogen sulfide) is frequently associated with iron, and can easily be recognized by the rotten egg smell it gives the water. Manganese is sometimes found in water contaminated with iron or sulfur, and is usually identifiable by black, slimy staining and smell of rotting vegetation.

The Greensand system provides high removal levels at a low price. these systems provide excellent treatment in a variety of applications. The system periodically backwashes itself to rinse the contaminants down the drain and regenerates the coating with potassium permanganate (not included). Plus, this oxidation process kills bacteria, converts arsenic, destroys iron bacteria. The system treats up to 9.2 GPM and requires at least 9.2 GPM flow for backwashing. Simple in and out connections and detailed instructions allow most homeowners to install themselves.

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