Glass Meal Prep Containers, Set of 3 - Meal Portion Control Container by Lofte - BPA-Free, Food Safe Lunch Organizers with Dividers for Packed Lunches or Saving Leftovers - Storage for Foods with Lids

Product Description

GO GREEN, GO HEALTHY: At Lofte, we believe that everything we drink from, eat with, and use to hold our food can impact what we ingest. Plenty of studies have shown that dyes, toxins, and other manmade chemicals can leach into your foods, creating long-term health problems for us and our families. Glass is a far superior alternative to typical plastic tupperware or plastic bags because BPA leaks into food. Glass is a more durable, heavy duty. and eco-friendly alternative.

EASY TO STACK AND USE: The Lofte food storage container set is multi use, making it incredibly easy to store your meal preparations, lunches for your kids, or even to take on adventures outside like picnics or camping. It is easily stored in cupboards and the fridge as they are stackable. The glass container is safe for a microwave, an oven, the freezer and can even be thrown in the dishwasher. Glass doesn’t stain as does most plastic containers, so they will look brand new with every wash.

VENTILATION FOR PROPER TEMPERATURE: The lids are ventilated, so you can put hot food in the bento box without worrying that the steam will contaminate the texture or taste of the food. Similarly, it is great for freeze safe meals, as each lid has an airtight seal so you don’t need to concern yourself with getting frostbite on your food and ruining the taste. Each lid snaps shut with ease, guaranteeing an easy closure and a leakproof seal so spills and accidents are unlikely to happen.

YOU GET SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST 3 CONTAINERS These meal prep containers with 2 compartments come with a bonus of 6 small containers that sit comfortably in each meal preparing bento box. They’re perfect for dipping condiments, applesauce, cottage cheese, nuts, or anything that comes in small portions that fit right into a small container. Include them to use with lunches, picnics, or slumber parties. It’s also a good way to teach your children about portion control and sizes.

FORGO THE PRE-PACKAGED FOODS: We get it. Life is hectic. Between all of your obligations to yourself and others, making health-conscious meals that your kid may not even eat just seems like added stress that isn’t necessary. The Lofte philosophy is that cooking should be healthy and fun. These food prep containers with lids for kids are reusable and leak-free. You can refrigerate and even freeze prepare meals for the week. This means less time in the kitchen, and more time with your kids.

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