'GJS Gourmet FLOATING Float VALVE and Gasket Compatible with Power Cooker XL, YBD60-100, PPC780, PPC770, PPC790, PCXL-PRO6, PC-TRI6, PC-WAL'. This valve is not created or sold by Power Cooker.

Product Description

This GJS Gourmet replacement Floating Valve (or Float Valve) and Silicon Gasket is compatible with most models of the Power Pressure Cooker including but not limiting the XL (6 & 8 & 10 Quart), YBD60-100, PPC780, PPC770, PPC770-1, PPC790, PCXL-PRO6, PC-TRI6, PPC773, PC-WAL1, and PC-WAL4. This valve is not created or sold by Power Cooker.

Float Valve is part of the lid of a pressure cooker, and is essential for the pressure cooker to work

Under normal situation, Float Valve inserts into the lid from outside to inside. Sealing Ring locks the Float Valve from inside, keeping the Float Valve in place

Sealing Ring is often washed off, leaving the Float Valve loose and the pressure cooker unusable because the steam leaks

This spare part can make your disabled cooker work like new

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