Fourneau Bread Oven – Classic | Dutch Oven/Cloche Style Oven for Making the BEST Homemade Bread …

Product Description

EASY TO USE, simply preheat the Fourneau and slide dough into the chamber once the oven is up to temperature

DURABLE, with regular use and very little maintenance, the Fourneau will last a lifetime while getting better over time. Designed by Strand Design in Chicago and Made in the USA.

ARTISAN BREAD AT HOME, the cast iron retains heat to cook your dough perfectly while the hatch seals the chamber allowing steam to be released from the bread to form a perfect crust.

INCLUDES the Fourneau, solid maple peel, and our detailed instruction and recipe guide — everything you need to get started making your best bread ever.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE, the Fourneau is made up of three separate pieces; the hatch, the cover, and the base. All together, it weighs approximately 28 lbs. (About the same as a large dutch oven.)

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