Electric Bottle Opener (YMP-5A)

Product Description

The hippocampus opener is made of stainless steel with gold-plated surface treatment. The handle is sprayed with environmentally friendly black paint. The fulcrum of the two-stage structural design is more convenient, more labor-saving, stronger drill wire, drilling wire with teeth. Can avoid the bottle crumbs fall into the wine, the drill wire surface coated with DuPont food grade Teflon safety and health, wear resistance, low friction

Cutter knife as a wine opener cut the protective film of the tool, easy to use, the cutter placed in the top of the bottle to the blade stuck the bottle, turning 90 degrees cut the protective film, the use of materials are food grade materials (Please put this paper cutter in children can not be exposed to the place, so as to avoid harm to children)

Pouring wine with wide mouth design, crystal clear, easy to clean, while pouring wine, make red wine fast contact with air, have a certain sobering function, compact and lightweight, easy to carry

Open a bottle of red wine, if not drink, with a vacuum stopper instead of the original cork, out of the bottle of air so that the taste of wine unchanged, fresh up to 1 week (away from heat, to avoid stress or heavy fall, the bottle must be kept upright)

First, the wine ring placed in the neck of the bottle, the red wine can be quickly absorbed when the overflow of red wine, to prevent the red wine drops to the wine marked on the bottom of the bottle or even on the tablecloth

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