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Product features

  • Each of our products is truly unique due to its manual production (hand). It can and must be, through the process manual production requires, glass and inclusions, bubbles, irregularities and color variations are what can not be avoided, but also holds for the uniqueness of each individual product.
  • Height: approx.: 15.5 cm
  • Volume: approx.: 300 ml
  • Diameter: approx.: 7.5 cm
  • Weight: approx.: 515 g
  • NOTE: Dimensions and weight can slightly always vary due to handmade production.
  • Drinking Glass Safari ruby

Product Description

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This product from GERMAN CRYTAL collection impresses with his design and high strength. Regardless of where it is placed, will always capture people’s eyes. This product transmits a modern and timeless way of life. You will receive a unique piece by definition – the singularity due to the handmade production – so that no piece is alike

Each product is unique because it is crafted by an ancient process (both manual and manual modeling production). There can be found in the glass – and is allowed to happen – inclusions, bubbles, color irregularities or fluctuations, things that are inevitable due to manual manufacturing products imperfections that also show the uniqueness of each product.

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Line products GERMAN CRYSTAL – are blown and handcrafted respecting a traditional, almost forgotten process.
So, you buy a piece of high quality art created by master glass, objects of art that rarely can be found in the glass industry today, predominant industry in industrial automation machines. .

We, CRISTALICA – TEAM thank you in advance ……

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