Product features

  • 9 Levels of Healthy Water pH Range from 3.0 to 11.5. 4 Alkaline 1 Neutral 4 Acidic
  • Superior Performance 9 Platinum Titanium Electrolysis Plates
  • 2 High Capacity Multi-Layered Filters to Remove non Organic Contaminants
  • UV Anti-Bacterial Lamp to Remove all Organic Contaminants
  • Digital Self-Diagnostic and Self-Cleansing System. Touch Control Panel. Colored LCD Display

Product Description

Top-of-the-line model has a slew of convenient features and functions. Beginning with aesthetics, this model has been beautifully designed to complement all kitchens and also to save counter space with its slim and compact build. Sliding front panel entirely opens, making filter changes incredibly easy. 2 high capacity filters contain combinations of layers consisting of activated carbon (ultra-fine coconut shell carbon), sediment, high-density sediment, and calcium ball ceramic technology. Powerful UV germicidal lamp adds additional sterilization Digital filter-monitoring function, which indicates the amount of life left in each filter so you know precisely time to replace filters. Automatic diagnosis system detects and identifies the problem(s), and displays one of four error messages on LCD screen. An automatic 20-second cleaning cycle that cleanses the electrolysis chamber after each use, in addition to its full 2-minute cleaning cycle for more thorough cleanings with just a press of a button. With 9 patented platinum-coated titanium electrode plates Crewelter 9 dispenses 9 different levels of water (4 alkaline, 4 acidic, and 1 purified), pH range from 3.0 to 11.5 ORP from -300 to -850 and displays the pH level on the large LCD display, along with color codes (7 total) ranging from red for acidic to purple for alkaline. An LCD display and touch-screen panel gives you the ultimate control for setting and checking the pH level and other pertinent information. Water comes out free of a multitude of contaminants after going through the machine’s filters. These include but are not limited to chlorine, rust, dirt, fluoride, chloramines, viruses, germs, bacteria, parasites, algae, heavy metals, and many other pollutants and packed with antioxidants, healthy minerals and small hexagonal water clusters that are easy for your body to absorb for maximum hydration.

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