BUOP Lavender Flowered Utensil Crock HAS Drainage Holes ON The Bottom and Sits in A DRIP Tray

Product Description

The piece is ivory white with a really cute gold embellishment of the acutual utensil and the base. It has a bit of a modern adolescent flair to it, and something that contributes more character to the kitchen than your standard plastic flatware organizer. The lavender designs give it an extra touch.

Polish Pottery has beautiful designs. Porcelain is the toughest type of stoneware, non-toxic, stain and chip resistant, oven and dishwasher safe. It can be fashioned into the most delicate and exquisite designs.

The tapered design keeps your utensils looking neat and more organized because they're not all sprawled out at the top! It also minimizes more top heavy utensils from just falling out over the top.

It has holes in it to drain off the water, it is suitable for draining cutlery. The perforated bottom lets them drain, and then a snap off non perforated bottom under that, preventing water leaking all over the place. You can sit this on window sill or on the counter. After your items air dry and put them away, then snap off the bottom and let that air dry too.

This crock is about 5 4/8 inches tall and the opening on the outside is about 5 inches diameter (outer edge to outer edge), and the interior is about 2 4/8 inches diameter. The exterior diameter of the drainage tray is about 4 3/8 inches so it is safe to assume the interior diameter of the bottom approximates 3 5/8 inches. The tray itself measures about 6/8 inches in height but the total height of the set approximates 5 7/8 inches duo to the deepness of the base.

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