Belted Bull Stainless Steel Barbecue Meat Injector Syringe - Injector Pump –304 Grade Steel – Three Needles for Liquid or Chunky Marinades and Rubs - Cajun Injector

Product Description

🦃BLAST IN THE FLAVOR: Insert your desired needle, load it up with your favorite marinade, then push down the handle to deliver a flavor shot to just about any cut of meat. Whether you’re roasting a chicken or smoking a brisket, you’re gonna taste the difference.

🦃BUILT TO LAST: Constructed with 304-grade stainless steel, this meat marinade injector is designed to grace your kitchen for years to come. All materials are 100% safe and non-toxic, and the entire injector is dishwasher safe.

🦃FLAVOR ANY CUT: We include three needles with this meat injector kit: one 6” with holes to evenly dispense liquid, one 6” with an open end best for chunky marinades or seasonings, and one 3” for smaller cuts of meat. With a 2-oz capacity barrel, you can be sure you’ll have enough marinade to spread the flavor around.

🦃GRIP WITH EASE: A BBQ injector is only good if it’s easy to operate and won’t slip out of your hands just at the wrong moment. Ours includes a comfy grip handle that will help you keep it stable while you’re bringing the flavor to that chicken, beef, pork, ham, turkey, elk – you name it.

🦃GRILL LIKE A CHAMP: When you flavor your next cut with this meat injector pump, your friends and family are gonna want to know your secret. Whether it’s some backyard Cajun seasoning or a zesty Asian marinade, you can be sure that every bite will be a taste sensation. Order the Belted Bull Meat Injector set today, and savor the flavor tomorrow!

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