BambooWorx- Multi-Color Bamboo Cooking Utensils Set- 6 Pieces, Wooden Spoons & Spatulas, Kitchen Utensils, 100% Natural Bamboo.

Product Description

♻ LASTS A LIFETIME: You'll never use any other utensils again! Bamboo Utensils are far more durable than their wood or plastic counterparts. Bamboo is a grass that can be as strong as steel. It's 16% harder than maple yet more lightweight than oak.

♻ CONTEMPORARY STYLE: This 12” inch paint dipped utensils set will not only suit your cooking needs, it will be perfect for your decoration and design purposes too, you will be comfortable to show of your cooking utensils on your counter top. NO DOUBT ON THAT

♻ ODOR, STAIN, WATER & HEAT RESISTANT: Feel free to use the BambooWorx utensils whichever way you like! Our quality bamboo does not stain and does not absorb odors. It is also resistant to heat and water.

♻ CLEANS EASY: Don't think twice before getting them dirty, cleaning them is super-easy! The dirt comes right off with a little bit of warm water and soap. (Note: It's not dishwasher safe, so please read the maintenance instructions on the package).

♻ DO YOU LOVE THE PLANET? Lessen the stress on the world's forests when buying the BambooWorx brand. An entire bamboo forest can be regenerated in 3-5 years! They are also 100% biodegradable, so you can dispose of them without worry.

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