Apothékary - The Littles, Slay All Day 10-Pack for energy boost, clean vegan protein, and detoxification.

Product Description

The creamy adaptogenic Matcha blend that provides a jitter-free, long-lasting energy boost, while simultaneously detoxing and boosting your immune system. Basically, a matcha made in heaven.

WHAT IT DOES: Particularly effective as a replacement for coffee, Slay All Day will give you the tools and energy to conquer the day, erm, your life.

WHAT’S IN IT: Slay All Day is a next-level take on a creamy matcha latte blend, containing two powerful adaptogens, Chlorella and Ginseng, that combine to increase the bioavailability of compounds which help to reduce stress. Combined with Matcha, an antioxidant and L-Theanine-rich plant that contains both Yin and Yang aspects by increasing energy, while promoting an overall sense of calm energy.

TASTES LIKE: Slay All Day has a mildly bitter and creamy flavor. Think green tea meets a greens powder with a touch of pea protein and coconut.

PAIRS WELL WITH: Coconut or hemp milk, bananas.

DOSE WITH: Maca, Chill The F* Out or Mind Over Matter.

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