Product features

  • • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE- You can take this book stand and holders for reading anywhere anytime including cafes and libraries. It is light weight and portable. It will perfectly fit into your backpack.
  • • READING MADE EASY AND COMFORTABLE- Read strong and sturdy books without having to hold them in your hands. This book stands for reading is Ergonomically designed to prevent neck fatigue or pain and has features five adjustable reading positions. Promotes proper posture for better spinal health. Eye -Level Reading Provides Maximum Comfort. Best for you!
  • • ADJUSTABLE READING POSITIONS- You can adjust this book stand for desks into whatever reading position you prefer. you can easily holds large volumes like Law or Medical Textbooks, cookbooks. You get what you want! Don’t you want that? The choice is yours!
  • • FLEXIBLE AND STRONG PAGE HOLDER- Flexible and strong page holders keep book wide open with a paper clip while allowing for easy turning of the pages? Bookstand for textbook has corners that are protected with rigid plastic reinforcements for added durability.
  • • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL- You can study the large bible, or Cook Recipe Textbook Cookbook Wooden Stands Display, Perfect Gym Companion for stationary bike or as Treadmill Book Holder or operate your laptop and tablet on this book stand holder. Isn`t that great?

Product Description

Have you ever had a marathon reading session, you’ve probably experienced neck pain? Along with eye strain, it’s a common complaint, whether you’re reading a book or using a tablet for long periods.

The good news is there is no longer going to be eye strain or neck pain as you use this book stand for textbook. You improve your health when you use this book stand and holders for reading.

How do you feel when you stand up erect and straight in public? No doubt you boost your self-esteem. That is a great reason why you should start using a book stand for reading today. Your posture will be in perfect shape and condition, relief from neck cramps, backaches, tension headaches, and even joint wear and arthritis. Don’t you want that? The choice is yours!

Do you love to read at every opportunity? You can take this book stand holder where ever you go. It is light weight and portable. It will perfectly fit into your backpack. It`s so easy for you to use.

Do you use cookbooks in your kitchen? Prepare your favorite recipe while reading from a cookbook. But how? This book stand and holder will hold your food book in your kitchen while you cook a delicious meal for your family and friends. Don’t you want that? The choice is yours!

This book stands for textbook does more than just hold your textbook. It will perfectly hold your electronic tablet and laptop. It is also highly durable and is made with 100% wood so it will last a lifetime. That’s great, isn`t it?

Join the thousands of our satisfied customers today who read longer without experiencing pain when you purchase this product. ADD TO CART NOW!!

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