All Natural Bark Top Cork - Multiple Size Choice - 5'

Product Description

All Natural Cork Tops - Corks are hand cut, so sizes may vary slightly depending on cut and drying.

Use your Own Jar. They are ready to use for a variety of household & business uses: spice and seasoning jars, coffee and tea containers, noodle, spaghetti and dried fruit containers, ceramic, pottery and glass containers and jars, nuts, candies, crackers and more Bark top corks are ideal for containing and preserving any dry non-liquid substances.

Select from 11 Sizes. Each cork has a depth of approx 1.25".

These are the most natural stoppers. They are each cut directly from the bark of cork oak trees. Since the bark of cork oak trees is a renewable resource (after being removed it grows back on the trees without damage to the trees) these bark top corks are truly the ultimate environmentally and ecologically friendly stoppers.

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