Adolph Double Wall Vacuum Sealed Glass Coffee Maker. Anti-Condensation and Thermo Shock Resistance Server and Coffee Dripper (500ml for 1-4 Cups)

Product Description

Advantages of Double vacuum-sealed wall for Dripper and Server. The vacuum seal wall slow down temperature loss for the Dripper provide sufficient time for the ground to bloom and Server helps to keep your beverages hot to maintaining it freshness while the exterior remains comfortably to hold. As compare to other conventional pour over coffee makers, which loses heat, coffee flavour and aroma quickly to it environment that leave you with a lukewarm and awful coffee.

Handmade from chemical and heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Ideals material for your everyday use, sturdy, durable and machine washable. Resistance to stain, making it looks new all year round with simple cleaning.

Coffee Dripper comes with three drip holes. Slow down dripping rate and uses wave type coffee paper filter which trap the micro-fines and capture most of the oils resulting a much brighter cup, both in appearance and flavour.

Visual Stunning. Due to it double layer design, it appears as though the liquid is 'floating' within Dripper and Server. The sleek lines of the glass provide a comfortable hold for hot or cold beverage.

It comes in two size, 300ml and 500ml server with different dripper size. Get Adolph Nature Wave Series Paper Coffee Filters Disposable Coffee Filters for best results.

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