Aodaer 120 Pack Elastic Colorful Bowl Covers Reusable Elastic Food Bowl Storage Covers in 3 Sizes, Dish Plate Plastic Covers for Family Outdoor Picnic

Product Description

Package includes: there are 120 packs of elastic colorful bowl covers in each set, in the colors of red, orange, and blue, 40 packs for each color; different colors represent different sizes: blue ones is the smallest size, orange ones is the second, and red ones is the largest size, various sizes are convenient for you to choose according to your actual needs

Specific size: these reusable elastic food bowl storage covers have 3 various sizes: red is L size, 11.8 inches/30 cm, orange is M size, 8.7 inches/22 cm, blue is S size, 5.2 inches/13 cm; diverse sizes are suitable for bowls, dishes, plates and so on

Practical design: our reusable flexible packaging bowl covers are available for a variety of food containers; when you fix them on the top of the container, they form hermetic seal, which can keep the food fresh, dustproof, and clean; the bowl covers with the transparency that allows you to check food quickly and easily

Easy to use: the elastic colorful bowl covers are universally compatible with round shape, oval shape and square shape dishes and food storage containers, which can save you time and energy

Wide range of uses: our products are abundant in quantity, which can meet the needs of families, covering all kinds of food and fruits, and can be used for refrigeration in the refrigerator, bringing convenience to your life; and safe for family gatherings, picnics, or when transporting plates of food to a potluck dinner or BBQ

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