Digital Gem Refractometer 1.4-2.0 Aluminum Alloy RI Gemstone Gemology Gemological Diamond Tool

Product Description

Each gem has a typical refractive index due to its chemical composition and crystal structure.

Refractive index is one of the most important optical parameters. Through these parameters, it can be judged whether the gemstone is anisotropic or isotropic.

This digital gem refractometer is designed to accurately measure the refractive index of gems. It has a full range from 1.400 to 2.000 RI and can be used to test almost all kinds of gems.

You don't need to use RI liquid, just put the sample on the test platform, it can be very fast, high accuracy, no refractometer oil, easy to read the results on the LCD, easy to use.

The gem refractometer is the main and most powerful tool for gem identification. Therefore, it is widely used in jewelry stores, gem studios, museums and collections, auctions, laboratories, etc.

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