3-Tiered Medication, Vitamin, Supplement Shelf Cabinet Organizer

Product Description

Keep all your medication and supplements organized and easy to find on this 3 tiered shelf. The multiple levels make it easy to see what is in the back. Keep it in a cabinet, closet or countertop.

Great for organization - here are a few ideas: Use a level level for medications taken regularly, one for occassional medications and one for first aid supplies. Each level for medications taken at different times of the day. Keep each persons medications on their own level. Use one level for all the medications you use to fill your pill organizer.

This 3 tiered shelf is made with durable, high-quality plastic and turns smoothly.

Gray non-slip liner on each shelf keep your medications from sliding around and toppling over.

The overall dimensions are 14.38" wide x 9.6" deep x 3.4" tall. The top shelf is 3.38" deep and the bottom 2 shelves are each approximately 2.9" deep.

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