2pcs Splash Filter Faucet 720 Rotating Faucet Extender Aerator with 2 Water Outlet Modes, All Copper Material,A Set of Accessories, Suitable for Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Aerator

Product Description

[720°SWIVEL SINK FAUCET AERATOR] The splash-proof faucet outlet can be rotated 720°, which is convenient for our daily life such as washing face and gargle!

[UNIVERSAL SPLASH FILTER FAUCET] The dual-function sink aerator is made of copper material, which is anti-corrosion and splash-proof. At the same time, the strong water outlet mode can quickly clean and save time for us.

[2 TYPES of WATER OUTLET DESIGN] Two types of water outlet rotary switches, Soft Bubble Flow (1.8GPM) and Strong Spray (1.8GPM) Oxygen-enriched Foam. The faucet aerator follows the concept of environmental protection. Compared with the standard, the water saving capacity is about 30%~70%, which reduces energy costs and saves money. At the same time, its filtering function can remove certain impurities in the water, which is beneficial to human health.

[APPLICABLE MATCHING MODEL]This faucet is suitable for thread diameter 22-24mm, and can be used in home sinks, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. If your faucet is externally threaded, please use our attached external threaded adapter for installation. If it is an internal thread, install directly. Before ordering, please carefully confirm whether this product matches the specifications of your faucet to avoid a bad shopping experience.

[PACKAGE] When you receive the goods, it contains 2 aerators, 2 external thread adapters, 2 filter gaskets, and an extra kit (including 5 plastic adapters) Note: The metal external thread adapter may be connected to the product It can be unscrewed directly on the top of the faucet, or it may be independent without being connected together. At that time, you can choose to screw on or unscrew the external thread adapter according to your own tap thread condition.

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