11 Pieces Espresso/Turkish Greek Arabic Coffee Full Set (Clover Design) for 2 Person Bundle with Unique Hammered Copper Coffee Pot, Cezve, Jazzve, Ibrik, Stovetop Coffee Maker

Product Description

11 Pieces Espresso/Turkish Coffee Cup Saucer Set for 2 Persons - Unique Oriental Ottoman Coffee Cup (2 porcelain inner cups with first class quality, 2 brass cup holders, 2 saucers, 2 lids, 1 serving tray) Color: Silver - Clover embossed brass cup holder. Clover design saucer. All Engraved Pieces.

ACC Series Cezve (copper coffee pot) is made of a single copper sheet. Designed to make a perfect Greek / Turkish / Arabic coffee. You may experience many different coffee pot designs, but ACC Series has an classic design. It has three different size options to better meet your needs. ACC Series Cezve is made in a neat and refined style, so it will perfectly fit any design of the kitchen.

Cups hold 2 Fl Oz. Used for Turkish/Greek Coffee and Espresso Serving. Thanks to lid coffee stays hot and looks stylish. Porcelain cup is removable from the brass holder and machine washable. Other parts are Not suitable for machine wash

Authentic Gift for anyone and honor your guests with this great coffee set. You can be assured these will last for many generations.

All parts of set is Made in Turkey. Copper Coffee Pot (Cezve/Ibrik) was produced in Turkey by craftsmen with a century of experience in copper industry.

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